Hi, I hope you’re all doing well! Me? I’m caught in a weird sewing limbo at the moment – if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I received a brand new sewing machine this last week. And it’s still sat in it’s box taunting me from my sewing table! It’s a gift from my family for my upcoming birthday and they’re adamant that I’m not allowed to open it until the 26th of this month…

Which is 21 looooong days away. The comments on this post by the way, are absolutely hilarious – it really helped knowing my mental anguish was understood, haha!

However, an unexpected side effect of knowing just how fantastic the new machine is (it’s the Pfaff Quilt Ambition 630), is that I am now loathe to continue to sew on my old one in the interminable period before my birthday. I know this is absolutely ridiculous but I just can’t bring myself to do it! The upside is, whilst I fill the echoing-void-between-machines planning future sewing projects; it also gives me time to finally share some of the things I’ve made recently but not blogged. Starting with the Closet Case Patterns freebie pouf pattern!

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Hi sewing friends! Have you picked up a copy of the FibreMood bi-monthly sewing magazine yet? I’d seen good things about their designs and size range for a while but hadn’t got my hands on a copy until Issue 09. I was recently invited to preview their patterns ahead of each Edition hitting the shops and I was thrilled; I really think FibreMood might just be the pattern magazine I have been waiting for! Issue 10 is out today so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share my thoughts on the magazine overall as well as show you my first FibreMood project – I’m truly excited by this pattern magazine!

Let me preface this, however, by underlining the fact that I have only ever regularly bought two sewing magazines; right back at the beginning of my sewing journey I picked up Love Sewing. As I outgrew that I began purchasing Burda instead – in fact, I have a decent sized stash of Burda magazines. Perhaps tellingly, whilst I find them generally inspiring and love flicking through them whilst necking endless cups of tea, I’ve never actually been inspired enough to actually sew one of their patterns! I confess this is mainly because I simply cannot bring myself to trace out and add seam allowances to the seemingly impenetrable configuration of pattern lines.

Enclosed within the matt pages of FibreMood are pattern after pattern after pattern of the like you would expect to see any of the most popular Indie sewing pattern designers releasing – to my mind, FibreMoods’ target audience is clearly today’s home sewer – one who doesn’t ‘just’ sew clothes but crafts modern, fashion-forward garments.

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Hi sewing buddies!

I’ve long wanted a basic top pattern, an everyday easy-wear woven top that could act as a ‘block’ to be customised at will. I’ve tried a few over the years – some of which ended up taking so much redrafting, I basically lost the will to finish. However, roll of drums please, I think I may have found it, without much effort, in Sew Over It’s ‘Whitley Top’!

It’s an easy and quick sew and helpfully comes with four different front pieces depending on your cup size (A-B, C-D, E-F and G-H), two neck finishes (round or ‘V’) and three sleeve lengths. It’s available as a stand-alone pattern or as part of an online course. It’d make a great beginner sew!

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