My Baby Blog is 1!!!


Wowzers…my baby Blog is 1 year old!!!

It only seems like the blink of an eye since I hesitantly uploaded my first post. I couldn’t possibly have conceived, when my finger hovered over the ‘publish’ button for the first time, what an absolute adventure Bloggerhood would be. Since then we’ve hit some major developmental milestones; sort of establishing a regular routine, progressing from babbling to, hopefully, forming real sentences; to finding our feet, taking baby steps and making some amazing sewing friends* in the safe environs of our incredibly supportive online sewing community.

I’ve really appreciated you all holding my hand along the way through this stumbling, drooling and teething stage; for every read, comment and ‘like’, for every helpful suggestion and the many, many smiles and belly laughs you’ve raised both here and over on Instagram. You’re all such brilliant, amazingly talented and lovely people* 😉

I want to say huge thanks for all your amazing support and participation in #sewtogetherforsummer, to my fellow hosts Monika and Suzy and to our fab challenge Sponsors and also to Diane, Helen and Anya for so kindly collaborating. And, of course, to Minerva Crafts for inviting me to their Blogger Network – I love sewing up my monthly Makes for you!

I’ve been constantly inspired by so many of you – I can’t name you all, we’d literally be here all day (and I’m worried I’d accidentally miss someone off the list!) but hopefully I’ve made my admiration felt and you all know who you are 😉 That said:

  • *You can check out the list of some of my favourite sewists (bloggers and vloggers) here

What an exciting 12 months it’s been; here’s to the next! If that’s not reason enough to crack open the wine, I don’t know what is!!

Until next time, hic

Sew Sarah smith











29 thoughts on “My Baby Blog is 1!!!

  1. Thank you Amanda!!! What a lovely thing to say – you’ve made me beam from ear to ear!! Well you know the feeling’s mutual I hope – I love your channel, it’s like having a cuppa and a sewing natter with a mate! And yes, honesty and transparency always best isn’t it; otherwise what purpose are we really fulfilling? Yes, here’s to the next year for both of us! *raisesglass xxxx

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  2. Congratulations Sarah!!!!! It was your blog that led me to investigate the online sewing community further as prior to that I had very much been a closet sewer. It is thanks to the sewing community and bloggers and vloggers like yourself that I have been able to come out of the closet and relish in my obsession with sewing. I love reading your blog and find you extremely honest about not only your successes but also your fails which I feel is, unfortunately, rare in this community. Like Becky said below thank you so much for including me in your list of favourites it has totally made my day!!! Here’s to another year xxxx

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  3. Thanks Becky…your comment just made my day too!!!! Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading and, as you probably know, I love everything you make. It was so good to see how lovely you are on camera too xxx


  4. Happy Blog birthday Sarah and what a year it’s been! I’ve loved following your blog and IG posts as they are full of inspiration and good humour. The #sewtogetherforsummer challenge is a brilliant idea that has the whole sewing community buzzing – congratulations! Thanks for including me on you vlog list too, it’s made my day! 😊 x

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  5. So awesome, happy bloggerversery 🍰 Love reading your posts and seeing your Instagram photos, I haven’t long joined but already feel apart of the wonderful sewing community, have just made a shirtdress for my first joining in with a #, thank you 😊

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  6. Happy Birthday Sarah and being the generous woman you are you’ve given us a gift for your birthday with that link to all your favourites on youtube and bloggers (which I’ve bookmarked for future perusal!) you might also enjoy reading “Handmade by Caroline” – she’s a rather amazing sewist and fun to read as well. I wish you (for our sakes too) many long blogging years ahead! 🙂

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  7. Happy Birthday Baby Blog….I love it always, and can´t believe you´ve been at it less than a year. Enjoy the well deserved wine and chocolate. BTW I love the cake…you are nifty at this artwork milarkey! Big hug from my sunny hillside. xxxx

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  8. What a amazing achievement! It seems you have been doing this longer than a year as you are so great at it! I’m new to this blogging scene but so far I love it and i hope I find just as much enjoyment as you clearly do in a year’s time. A big well done and thoroughly deserved glass or three of wine! Xx

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  9. Hoorah for your first birthday, I can’t believe it’s only been a year though! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your sewing develop. Here’s to many more years! xx

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