Chambray Shirtdress (New Look 6884) & a Snap Chat (How to Insert Prym ‘Love’ Snaps Tutorial)


Girls Shirtdress sewing pattern
New look 6884 with Prym ‘Love’ Snaps

Hello! Well,  #sewtogetherforsummer has ended for this year; the winners notified and the prizes distributed but, curiously, I still wanted to make another Shirtdress! This time for my Pixie Princess – let’s face it, she’d heard me harp on enough about shirtdresses over the last few months she was bound to want one too!

So I made her New Look 6884 in a ‘Cherry Crimson’ Art Gallery Fabrics chambray (which comes in a gorgeous palette of colourways) as part of this months’ Minerva Crafts Blogger Network (see HERE). This is a great girl’s Shirtdress pattern with lots of options including a soft collar, a ruffle hem band and several sleeves. Whilst I like doing buttonholes, I decided to use the Prym range of plastic ‘Love’ snaps, which I thought added a fun and practical touch instead of the traditional button down front. You can read my post for Minerva which gives links to all the products and tools I used, from the pattern and fabric to the pliers and snaps HERE.

// How to Insert Prym ‘Love’ Snaps //

But I thought I’d talk about how to insert the snaps themselves in more detail here – a SnapChat if you will ;-) as I’d been a little unsure how to use them at first but, like most things, they’re incredibly simply once you know how! This little tutorial is a collaborative effort – I’ll supply the ‘how’ – you get to insert the smutty jokes and euphemisms! Ok?!

prym vario plyers pliers kit

I’ve had my Prym Pliers set (above) in my sewing kit for an age. Although it comes with a gazillion gadgets it doesn’t actually come with the specific ‘heads’ you need to use for the plastic snaps, so I bought the extra kit for a few quid (left pic). However, you can now get just a set of the pliers with the right heads in a special ‘Love’ kit (right pic):



The snaps themselves come in a range of colours and a variety of shapes; I used the red assortment ‘circle’ pack.

I definitely recommend practicing on a scrap piece of fabric first! Preferably the same thickness of fabric you’ll be using in your project.

plastic snaps how to insert

There’s a ‘female’ and ‘male’ under segment to each snap, which the fabric gets sandwiched between. They look like the pic below when they’re paired with the top shape (the bit with the long prong):

plastic snaps

So, firstly, put your attachments into your plier; the top is a clear silicone piece with a small hole running through its centre. The bottom is a white plate that holds the snap head.

prym plastic snaps how

Next put one of the top snaps (the one with the prong) onto the white plate…

prym vario love snaps

…and put it through your marked hole (I describe how I lined up and marked the snap holes on the dress itself on the dress blog post HERE).

prym love snaps tutorial

Then place the ‘female’ part of the snap over the protruding prong (insert your own smutty joke here ;-))

how to use varop pliers

Then the fun bit … SQUEEZE!!! What the plier effectively does is squeeze the two components parts of the snap together, securely sandwiching the fabric between. What it also does, essentially, is squish down and flatten that now defunct extra prong length. The snaps won’t, err, snap closed together without this.

pliers pkastic snaps

Repeat the whole process for the corresponding underside snap. Remember, if you’ve used the ‘female’ snaps on top, you’ll need the ‘male’ ones underneath. Use your own euphemism here to help you remember!



Really simple huh?! I hope I’ve explained it clearly enough; let me know! (If you’re tempted to have a go, as I say, links for everything can be found here). I now want to add snaps to all the things! If you see me with a pair of pliers in my hand, unless you want to be snapped, probably better to keep your distance for a while!

Until next time, I’ll be sewing up a pile of viscose for my holiday suitcase!





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27 thoughts on “Chambray Shirtdress (New Look 6884) & a Snap Chat (How to Insert Prym ‘Love’ Snaps Tutorial)

  1. Just read this after seeing your Jenna Cardi. Your instruction are so clear – and not a little funny 😂. Now I just have to wait for my snap tool and snaps to arrive – what fun!!! 👍Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw thanks Anya love! I was totally confused by them as well. I mean, lets face it, it doesn’t take a lot but yeah I was a bit baffled. And then when the ‘penny dropped’ i got a bit overexcited. I think perhaps I need to get out more!!! Xxxxx


  3. Ah thanks Jo!! Xx yeah the ruffles cute isn’t it. I totally agree, snaps are a great alternative when you don’t feel like doing buttons and actually I guess they’d be more practical if you were sewing up a lightweight blouse or something? Yeah chambray a dream to sew isn’t it. (Loved your Winslows too) xx


  4. I always get the impression that comments on Minerva kind of get lost, so I came here to tell you I absolutely love this dress! It’s gorgeous and looks great on your daughter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love your “Snap Chat” Sarah! I did laugh at how you did demos in front of all your family as they looked on bemused!! I love snaps but have only ever attached them with a hammer before – so this is a really motivating post, thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Your daughter is so cute! I love the ruffle on the bottom. Chambray’s probably my favourite fabric to work with – it’s so satisfying the way it presses beautifully and behaves so well when you’re sewing it up! Thanks for the Snapchat too; definitely worth looking at for when my buttonhole foot is playing up!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am not surprised she wanted a shirt dress! It is really pretty and she does look like a princess. I love your snap tutorial. I always avoid them because they confuse the heck out of me. So I will be referring to this later 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I have a box of these snaps but I’ve never used them (in a bunch of colours as well) and every time I see them used like you’ve done on your daughter’s dress which SO adorable I think I must give those a go. I’m going to make up a sleeveless blouse for myself with a placket in the back neckline and I think a snap would be nicer (and easier) than a button and loop. I’ll bookmark your tutorial for when I get there!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. That dress is so lovely, she looks gorgeous in it. Great tutorial, I have the pliers set but it came metal poppers and rivets, I didn’t realise you could do these snaps too.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Wow 😍😍😍 it’s so beautiful. I love the ruffle along the hem! Thanks for the fab snaps tutorial – I’ve never used them before but now I think I’ll give them a go as they don’t sound too scary. Smutty jokes?! Male/female snap parts? Prongs? Don’t know what you mean 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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