Harem pants

Hi all!

This make is still very much in the theme of ‘Summer Sewing’ as I made them to take on our family holiday. Even in the heat, I don’t want to wear dresses or shorts every day. I wanted lightweight breathable casual trousers with pockets and preferably cuffed ankles, along the lines of the SOI Carrie Trousers but without needing to buy  their online trouser course just to get that pattern. After some searching, I found Simplicity 1887.

Harem pants

These trousers have some nice features – whilst the waistband is elasticated, they have a flat central panel which is way more flattering. Plus there are several variations in terms of length – including the option to make shorts – a pretty waist tie and a very simple skirt pattern all in the same envelope.

Harem pants sewing patternBe warned : there is a spectacular amount of ease in this pattern! When I’m reunited with my sewing machine I may yet alter these again but for now they’re still getting plenty of wear. I made View A, with the elasticated cuffs in a lovely soft and reasonably opaque  viscose.

You can read my full review,  and see further pics, including me being totally photobombed, whilst wearing them on holiday over on the Minerva Craft Blogger Network (see HERE). 


Oh, and whilst on holiday I’ve redesigned the Ol’ Blog a bit…what do you think so far?!

Until next time, if it’s summer where you are I hope the sun is shining!










19 thoughts on “Viscose Harem Style Trousers : Simplicity 1887

  1. Thanks Kari!! On both counts!! And you’re the queen at making ANY pattern versatile! Xx


  2. It’s totally and utterly bonkers isn’t it!! You’d never guess from the line drawings alone would you?!?! Thanks girl the heads up!!!
    And thanks, I’m hoping the new design is a bit more functional too xx

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  3. Cheers honey!! I’m not used to having so much time on my hands; I’ve got to keep them busy right?! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks Diane! They’re pretty good for overindulging in too! Oh and thanks – I’m still tweaking but getting there I hope!! Xx


  5. Thanks Maria, they are aren’t they and that’s good to know!!


  6. Oh thank you Celia!! Just be sure to take note of the finished measurements and size down accordingly! 😉


  7. Thanks Lynsey! It drives me nuts, it’s so unnecessary factoring soooooo much ease isn’t it!! Oh and thank you – it’s good to refresh things occasionally isn’t it! Xx


  8. Cheers Wis! They’re ideal really just wish they were a bid shorter at both top and bottom end! Thanks, the blog makeover is a WIP, but I’m getting there! Xx


  9. Thanks Jo! Funnily enough I find myself constantly thinking about sewing up some warmer knit stuff, I think I’m looking forward to Autumn!

    Oh, I think the summer holidays have probably given us some extra free time; separated from our sewing machines we turn to tinkering with the sewing blog instead maybe?! Xx


  10. Jo says:

    Love these – so perfect for the hot weather. I know what you mean about wearing skirts and shorts everyday – it’s cooled down a bit here in the last few days and I was so excited to wear jeans again!

    Seems like everyone’s been doing some work on their blogs recently (yours is looking great btw). I’ve seen a few people on WordPress, me inlcuded, make some significant changes – is there something in the water right now?!

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  11. Wis says:

    Hey Sarah
    Very nice trousers. They look a perfect wear for hot Summer days. I love your blog makeover. Very classy!
    Wis xxx

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  12. Lynsey says:

    Such great summery trousers, they look fab!! the amount of ease in the big 4 does put me off a bit. Loving the new blog design 🙂

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  13. Celia b says:

    I love these trousers, Sarah! You’ve inspired me to try this pattern and make a pair!

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  14. Maria Hayek says:

    I love such relaxed trousers! They’re so comfy and are actually quite versatile (up to a degree of course). I prefer the new design of the blog to the old one too, easier to see the photos 🙂

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  15. They so comfy and chic! Great new web design too xxx

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  16. ISewALot says:

    I love these they are so stylish. I hope you are having a fab time and loving the new blog design xxx

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  17. WendyStitch says:

    The amount of ease in these trousers is insane! They look great. Nice job on the blog too xx

    Liked by 1 person

  18. sewontrend says:

    These look fantastic! It’s so nice when you find a simple, yet versatile pattern. You’re blog is looking fabulous too! 👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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