The Va Va Voom Wrap Dress! McCalls M6884

Ah, c’mon, how gorgeous is this claret jersey fabric!? I’d had 3m in my stash for a few months but kept dithering about what to sew with it. But Autumn rolled in and I found myself debating whether to turn on the heating and light a fire, taking up knitting and…Christmas. Then bingo! What I needed was a warm dress – something with sleeves – in a seasonal colour – a wrap dress; y’know, to ‘wrap up’ warm in 😉

Sew Sarah Smith

McCalls 6884 seemed to fit the bill. I’ve sewn knit wrap dresses before (see New Look 6301 here and here) but I wanted something different with a few more design variations. I like the line drawings of 6884 – in a lighter weight jersey, the clean lines of View A with its short sleeves would make a lovely dress for Spring/Summer too. Perhaps in a lovely print.



However, for this make I wanted the longer sleeves and side gathers of View C – it makes for a sexier, more ‘va va voom’ silhouette don’t you think? And I thought a solid colour fabric would show off those gathers beautifully. Decision made!

I made this dress as this month’s make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network you can read my full post – including my thoughts on fit – and access links to all the products they sent me to make it HERE.

Sew Sarah Smith

I’ll be back very soon with some more jersey sewing. In the meantime, I hope you ‘wrap up’ warm too; I’m off to make another hot water bottle … brrr!




39 thoughts on “The Va Va Voom Wrap Dress! McCalls M6884

  1. I’m almost done dress C. Stuck on step 14, why hem the side of front in step 2, if it’s gonna get sewed to back in step 14? Confused, need help!

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  2. Very nice indeed- suggestion, instead of pinning the front for modesty, and pulling the neckline out of whack, try using a cami underneath, same colour or contrast. I always used cheapo vest tops form New Look with my collection of wrap dresses!

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  3. I love your comments Kathleen! Yeah the wrap doesn’t sit tight enough for my liking with this one – easy enough to sort out for next time I guess. Oooooh coat patterns, I haven’t done one yet so good on you!!! It’s hard to stop buying patterns isn’t it! Xx


  4. Definitely va va voom, you look gorgeous! The colour suits you so well, and the style really jazzes up a simple shape. Fab dress for Autumn (though I am doggedly insisting it’s “late summer” even though this means I am FREEZING every time I leave the house!!)

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  5. Gorgeous and sexy! Love the drape, colour and side gathers. I haven’t made a wrap anything yet – I’ve been eyeing a couple of patterns I have for a wrap but getting that cross over just right so it’s not too tight and doesn’t gape is a little intimidating. I was a gathering yesterday at our local fabric shop (Gala Fabrics in Victoria BC Canada) where Marilyn (amazing sewist and distributer of the Sewing Workshop patterns) was giving a fashion show of their patterns. I always love these events and of course leave with a few patterns to add to my alarming and fast growing accumulation! 2 coat patterns in tow that I’m pretty excited about 🙂 plus a long sleeve jersey/sweater.

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  6. No need to look frumpy when the weather takes a turn for the worse when you can look foxy instead. The fabric choice is perfect, both for it’s flattering drape and the vibrant colour. You look gorgeous Sarah. Well done for creating this wonderful example of a must have wardrobe essential to combat the Autumn chill. 🍁🍂 x

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  7. I love it! We must be thinking along the same wavelengths as I am making a couple of autumn wrap dresses too! They are just so comfy aren’t they 😍 definitely a good choice on the gathers, they are really flattering 👌🏻👌🏻

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