The Jenna Cardigan by Muse – a workhorse of a pattern!

Sewing with knits

Hurray I’ve finally sewn up a Jenna Cardi! Although a relatively simple pattern, it wasn’t without issues; mainly around fit. Let’s just start by saying that Muse state this pattern is designed for an hourglass figure (hurray!), a height of 5.10″ (boo!) and a B cup (ah hum). I’m 5.3″ and a D cup…

I managed to resolve some of the issues – which were more than my standard adjustments –  at the paper stage, but I’m not done finessing yet. I’m considering this a wearable toile. I actually made it as part of this month’s Minerva Craft Blogger Network using their plain cotton jersey in the navy colourway – head on over to my post THERE for the full low down.

(If you’re looking for a simple tutorial on how to fit plastic snaps on your Jenna, I have one HERE).

Now, I do love this pattern, don’t get me wrong. I got the Jenna Cardigan Pattern Bundle (the basic pattern plus sleeve and neckline expansion packs) as it offers so much scope to mix ‘n’ match to create a whole array of different cardi’s. It’s because of its potential that I’m determined to nail the fit 100% – to make the pattern work for me as much as I worked for it, haha – because I see this being a pattern I reach for again and again…

…So now I’m set to research doing a ‘proper’ Full Bust Adjustment with knits (i.e without incorporating a dart) rather than the ‘cheat’ I utilised here (but, hey, whatever works, right?!) Expect to see me posting on that shortly! If you’ve any tips you want to share in the meantime, then please do!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!




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23 thoughts on “The Jenna Cardigan by Muse – a workhorse of a pattern!

  1. It does seem a bit crackers as a starting point for height doesn’t it!! And I know what you mean, I do feel a bit ‘mumsy’ in mine…though I guess I am so that’s ok!!! I sincerely doubt you’d look grandma like in anything Sarah!!!! 🤣😂😘


  2. Looks fab – but how many ladies do you know that are 5 foot 10?! 😱😂 crazy! Looks lovely on you, I can’t seem to wear a cardigan without looking like a grandma though, so I avoid them 😂

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  3. Thanks Anya…honestly my boobs are the bane of my life…sometimes!!! I think it’s time for me to stop cheating with knits as I’m never wholly satisfied. So we shall see. You did great sewing all your bridesmaid dresses – I’ve never sewn anything for another adult! Xxxx


  4. It looks like a pattern you would reach for again and again! It seems so versatile especially with all the collar option and other hack possibilities. I am really curious to see how to do an FBA on a knit garment. I don’t have to do it for myself, but I was recently exposed to the world of FBAs with my bridesmaids dresses. Well, I now have a whole new level of respect for busted ladies! So I would love to read up on your findings!
    And of course, that cardigan looks just fabulous of you. It is such a great color too!

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  5. Ah Kathleeen, thanks for the link. This is exactly what I’m going to do!!! Great to see it in action! And oh deep purple is one of my favourite colours, your Ebony should be fab! X


  6. Your fit looks great in the photo, but I await even better. I didn´t have a problem with fit, but then im 5ft 10. 😉 I need a navy one like you now. xxxxxx

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  7. Love it!!! That jersey looks perfect and as you know I love the snaps!! I agree the pattern definitely does need tweaking but it has great potential. Thanks for giving the #cosycardichallenge a shout out too lovely xxxx

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  8. It really suits you Sarah! Shame about the fitting issues but sounds like it’s worth perfecting it so you can make a whole bunch of them! I need SBA rather than FBA but the method I use would work for FBA too if you separated rather than shmooshed up the pieces. I’ll dig it out for you!

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