A ‘Black Tie’ McCalls 7119

Sew Sarah smith


It feels like I’ve had this dress germinating in the back of my mind since time immemorial. I originally got my hands on a sample of this Prada satin backed crepe – in red – an age ago. Whilst I loved it, I had no immediate ideas for it. Then, back in the summer, I sewed up a floral version of M7119 (see here) which was my favourite make of the summer. I knew straight away that I wanted to put a spin on the pattern; using the contrasting textures of the fabric to turn it into a Black Tie evening dress version of the tuxedo.

I cut the dress out intending to wear it to a friends 40th birthday bash – a weekend long affair – earlier this month. But unfortunately Sod invited Law to the party too; the dress lay unsewn for quite some time whilst I succumbed to the lurgy. Gah.

McCalls 7119

Anyhoo, my friend forgave me for not attending his birthday ‘do’ and the dress eventually got sewn. I’m now counting on some Christmas party invitations in order to y’know, actually get to wear it.

The dress is this months’ make for the Minerva Craft Blogger Network; the full post including my thoughts on working with this double sided designer fabric can be found HERE.

Since sewing this dress, I’ve filled an online cart in Ikea and I’m quite ridiculously excited waiting for my order to be delivered! Apart from some pattern testing this last week, I’ve finally ‘thrown in the towel’ with sewing on the dining table. Fed up with unpacking and packing everything away at the start and end of each session, I’ve decided to set up a designated spot where I can leave my stuff permanently set up. Although it will be a relatively small area – and I’ll still need to use the dining table for cutting out – I’m hoping it will be a well thought out enough space to mean I can really sew my heart out anytime I want.  Ok, let me rephrase that…to sew half as much as I want to but twice as much as I’m currently able to! 

So here’s looking forward to Holiday party invitations and sewing in peace!

Until next time, stay well sewing friends x




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39 thoughts on “A ‘Black Tie’ McCalls 7119

  1. Ohhh a fabulous black tie dress that should be on the red carpet.
    And you totally deserve a space of your own, especially if you turn out dresses like this.


  2. I think Kalax cubbies. I have both my cutting and sewing table on top of them. The cutting table is a table top from Ikea and the kalax also has wheels. It works great. I also have a small kalax as an ironing unit, also on wheels, to move it next to the ironing board as I need it.

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  3. Thanks Alex!! I’m too excited. Gotta love IKEA, right!. It would be dangerous if I lived closer to one. I figure if I get a few bits now when I eventually get a fully designated room I can add to it with matching stuff from there. What’s your favourite/most useful item you got there? Xx

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  4. Mine’s a corner of the bedroom too. Definitely increased sewing time and most of all, it feels like it’s increased sewing quality. Before, when having the machines out meant taking over surfaces, I felt like ‘oh tonight I have to sew’. Now that it’s always there, I have the freedom to sew when my heart’s really in it which is more productive overall!

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  5. Gorgeous dress Sarah, the perfect party dress! I’ve also just sewn a little black dress and now need an occasion to wear it – here’s hoping the Christmas party invitations start rolling in for us both! I’m also in the “ikea desk for sewing and dining table for cutting” club – it’s an amazing incentive to keep the dining table clear of cr*p, well, in the beginning anyway!!

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  6. You are looking fab! I can”t wait to see what the Ikea man will bring you. I live 10 mins drive away and absolutely everything in my sewing room is from Ikea. Can’t beat it!

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  7. As someone who has just made a sewing space of their own cant tell you what a difference it makes. Even if I only have half an hour I will pop up there whereas when I had to lug my machine and bits downstairs it had to be a whole evening or nothing! The dress is beautiful on you, make sure you are taken to somewhere worthy of it….

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  8. Oh yes. The crumbs. Haha sewing soon develops to the stage where everything else soon becomes a pain in the backside doesn’t it. Yeah I’m just going to commandeer the furthest corner of our bedroom. Has it increased your sewing time? Certainly you’re knocking out some brilliant stuff at an impressive rate Beck! Xxx


  9. I love your evening version of this dress Sarah! It looks absolutely stunning! Love the designer fabric and the way you’ve used the shiny satin side for the straps and belt – so classy!

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  10. Thank you Kathleen! Oh you’re absolutely right; it really does dampen enthusiasm! I worked out that I waste 30-40 mins of precious time…as well as feeling I’m under peoples feet or their under mine. Oh your space sounds nice under the window x


  11. A sewing space of one’s own will be a game-changer! It has made such a difference to me over the last few months. Although I only have a corner and still have to cut on the floor (cuz I’m too lazy to walk downstairs to the dining room table and, even if I did, it’d probably be covered with crumbs that are still there cuz I thought “I’ll tidy that up later, first let’s sew a bit!”). And you look very glam in the dress – the tuxedo vibe reads really well!

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  12. Wow weeeeeee! That is one gorgeous party dress. If no posh parties on the horizon, I’m sure you could party at home in it…perhaps the kids could go for a sleepover. The sewing space is a great idea and you won’t look back. I have room to cut in mine, but I prefer the socialability of the dining room table. Off to check the minerva post. xxxxxxxx

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  13. Your dress is stunning and you look utterly gorgeous in it 😍 the style and fabric are perfect 👌 I wish I got invited to parties as would love to sew something like this!! I think having your own sewing space will be amazing, can’t wait to see it.

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  14. This looks so chic and stylish on Sarah and the style really suits you! The shiny side contrast is a fab detail and what do you mean you need party invites to wear it, you’d certainly turn a few heads at the school gates or on the weekly shop! X

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  15. Va va voom, lady! You look absolutely stunning in this dress, and if you just wait while I whip up something similar, I’ll happily parade around with you through Devon’s finest establishments 😉 Also, great news about your sewing space. It will make such a difference, so yay!!

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  16. Absolutely stunning dress Sarah, you look wonderful! I love the way you’ve used the satin side for the ties – it gives it a really high end look. Gorgeous, gorgeous! xx

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  17. WOW! What a gorgeous “tux” dress 🙂 Beauiful fabric and shape – my favourite is the contrast around the neck and the tie. Congratulations on having a permanent place to set up your work. There is nothing worse than having to get everything out and put away afterwards to dampen one’s enthusiasm. I have a worktable and my machines stay out but my ironing board and all that paraphernalia has to be set up along with various tools that look messy if they’re not tucked away somewhere. My space isn’t huge either – being the front of our living room by the window but I like that anyway. I’m not sure I would want to be closeted away in a room or basement. I like being in the centre of things while working 🙂

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