Crafty Sewing Room Accessories!

Sewing machine mats tutorial

Hi All, I hope your New Year is off to a great start! I’m really excited about my sewing plans for this year but I thought I’d start with a simple but fun project for my newly created sewing space. As part of that reorginastion, I also cleaned and oiled both my machines. Undoubtedly they’re both running smoother but the racket my overlocker still produced when working at full pedal continued to jangle my nerves. I figured quilted mats were the answer!

I had one metre of this fab tape measure print cotton poplin and I wanted to see how much I could make from it. I ended up with two machine mats – one for each machine – a cushion cover and enough scraps left over to perhaps make a matching pin cushion too! The difference the mat makes to the running of the overlocker can’t be overstated… it’s like a new machine! If you haven’t got one for yours I highly recommend making your own; I’d never quilted a thing in my life prior to embarking on this and, at least with a project this size, it’s a simple yet fun thing to do! And I got to bust out the ‘quilting guide arm thingy’ that came with my walking foot and has been languishing in a drawer ever since!

If you want to find out more about the making of this project, including a bit of an ‘how to’ demonstration, the full post is now live on the Minerva Craft Blogger Network, including links to all the products I used (see HERE).

How to make your own sewing machine mats

Hope to meet you back here soon – I’ve got a really busy week or so coming up including making a couple of Review garments from the new Wendy Ward book, a pattern test and my first magazine article being published; not exactly a bad stitchy start to the New Year eh!

Until then, happy New Year stitching to you too!

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33 thoughts on “Crafty Sewing Room Accessories!

  1. The mats are such a great idea, and a fun way to try quilting. I didn´t even realise the army thingy was a guide!!! What a lot of great things you are up to and we can look forward to. xxx

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  2. Great job and a nice way to have a go at quilting too! You’ve inspired/shamed me into making my own – I bought a muffling mat for my overlocker when I moved into our current flat cos I was scared that the neighbours would complain, but I’ve never done anything for my sewing machine. I *do* have some leftover batting from my massive quilt too…

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  3. These are so cool! I love the bright red accents on it and the fabric is just perfect for sewing room. I also find that I do my machine tuning and oiling when I am either reorganizing or doing a big clean up. I wish I did it more often! Also I didn’t even think that a mat under the machine would make it sound better, but it makes so much sense. Great job!

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  4. I had never thought of making these (or even that they’d help!!) I have a fold out table that isn’t a stable as it should be and my overlocker bounces when I use it, thank you for the inspiration 😘

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