The Weight is Over : Crafting Sewing Pattern Weights & an iPad Holder!

Hello again!

Do you have a sewing process you actively dislike? For me, it’s cutting out. Or rather, its the thought of the cutting out process that puts my teeth on edge; imagining it as a laborious obstacle to be gotten through before I can get on with the, y’know, actual sewing. My aim then was to speed up the process and make it more appealing in any way I can; crafting my own pattern weights, something I’ve aimed to do for a long time, seemed a good place to start.

So the question was, how many pattern weights can I get out of one metre of fabric?

Well, quite a lot as it happens.

Which all had to be cut out. Oh the irony! 


Do you remember the Sewing Machine Mats I sewed at the start of the year? I went for the same poplin ‘tape measure’ print fabric again for this project, just in a different colourway.

In the end I think I’ve got something like 36 small weights and two larger ‘bean-bags’ from the same meterage; creating an iPad holder (for when you want to watch those all important Sewalongs / YouTube tutorials as you sew!) and a Kindle/Phone Holder. The small ones weigh in at about 20g apiece; perfect for weighing down delicate fabrics (hello silk voile, I’m looking at you!)

Edit : a lovely lady on Instagram suggested using gravel to fill them – the type you get from the pet shop to line aquariums with – as it’s slightly heftier and doesn’t react to moisture. I think that’s a great idea!

They’re incredibly simple, as you might imagine, to make. As they were this months’ make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network you can find the full ‘how-to’ and take a closer look at them in the full post HERE.

I think they’re rather cute! Enough to stop-me-gritting-my-teeth-when-approaching-the cutting-table-level-cute, even.


And once I’d vacuumed up all the rice that had made a bid for freedom and escaped to the floor, I got straight back to the sewing table to sew up my new raincoat!

Happy sewing! Until next time…

you_doodle_2018-10-10t18_08_26z-3NB : Minerva Crafts sent me the supplies for this project. Views and opinions expressed are always genuine and my own x

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6 thoughts on “The Weight is Over : Crafting Sewing Pattern Weights & an iPad Holder!

  1. You know what?? I made some of these years ago, but I’ve never put the rice in them… They’re in a jar in my sewing room, and I really should get around to finishing them!!

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