Hello sewing buddies!

I’m sure you’ll agree, Labels can be contentious things; from the ones we assign ourselves and the ones society places on us to the ones we’re told we should aspire to buy. I can be labelled ‘Mother’, ‘Wife’, ‘Middle-Aged’; as a ‘Sewist’ and ‘Maker’; an ‘Introvert’ and ‘Bookworm’ for example but can these labels, singularly or together, give you the whole picture of who I am? Of course not. (As far as labels go, I like ‘Human’ best ;-)) And, as someone who sews my own clothes, I’m rarely swayed by Designer clothing labels either.

That all said, admittedly, there is one Label I have been desiring for years; my own self-designed woven label to sew into my handmade garments!

And now I have them and I couldn’t be happier! Friends, I also have a 15% discount code for you too, should you want to whisper in Santa’s ear! …

(Discount Code at the end of the Post!)

I’ve been really happy with my sewing this last year; feeling that I’m starting to ‘come of age’ as a stitcher. It felt an appropriate time to acknowledge that; to put a label on it, if you will. To say, yes, this is an essential part of who I am.

So, recently, I refreshed my blog header logo and post ‘signature’ with the idea of simply translating those newly revamped designs into actual Labels.

I say ‘simply’ but I thought finding a company that could produce exactly what I wanted might be a bit of a tall order, since there’s some very small details in the design, like the outer edge and screw of the scissors as well as the weeny holes in the centre of the buttonholes. Especially when you consider I wanted the labels to measure 2.5″ wide max.

I was thrilled when Woven Labels UK offered me free use of their service if I was happy with the samples they provided, in return for a review*. I have no hesitation in doing so as my experience of their their service and products has been exemplary!

Woven Labels UK are a homegrown UK manufacturer offering a wide variety of products, ranging from straightforward and budget friendly craft labels and ribbons from stock templates (and, yes, there are sewing and knitting related ones!) to your own fully customised self-designed (woven or satin) labels in a variety of finishes (hot cut or folded, sew-in or-iron on for example). They also supply swing tickets, Size tabs, CE Compliant labelling and care labels to the garment trade and us, the obsessed home sewist! (As well as their website, you can see more samples of what they’re able to produce over on their Instagram feed).

If you’re going for the fully customised designer option, you enter your details and requirements and upload the .jpg file of your design into the enquiry box on their website; they quickly get back to you to discuss and finalise your specifications and provide a quote.

I was quite, err, vague about what I wanted as I didn’t really know what was possible! I just sent them the designs and said I wanted a woven label that’s not too stiff as it’s likely to be sewn into any type of garment, from coats to kids clothes. I knew I wanted them unfolded and an idea of the size. For my main label, they suggested Damask labels, hot cut (which stops fraying and means they can be sewn in around all sides) and refined the sizing (32 mm x 65 mm) so as to make sure the finer details were picked up. They suggested my signature labels be printed onto a square satin label 45 mm x 45 mm and incorporated my suggestion of an additional 15 mm seam allowance at the top so they can be sewn into seams etc.

Agreed on this, they then sent me a few samples with slight colour variations. I was soooo excited when they arrived as they completely surpassed my expectations!

I then confirmed my preference and the postman delivered a bag full of them just a few days later; an absolutely seamlesss and attentive process that resulted in one very happy stitcher!

Funnily enough, the day they arrived I was just sewing the lining for a jacket. In went both labels – the damask one into the back neck/collar facing and the satin one into a side seam. I love them!

Now, and this is the critical point, when someone admires a me-made of mine, instead of my usual response of pointing out any tiny mistake, I find myself proudly showing off the labels instead. Now if that’s not a step in the right direction, I don’t know what is!

If you’re looking to create your own labels, Woven Labels UK have very kindly offered me a discount code to share with you for 15% off your entire order! It’s :


Either enter at checkout or when submitting your requirements in the Quote Form

Until next time, I’m now off to sew a label into the back of a pair of jeans!

Many Hugs

* Disclaimer : I was sent the labels free of charge and the offer of a discount code for my readers in exchange for an honest review. The experience and opinions expressed here are genuine and my own and I had full control over the review content. I would never recommend any product I didn’t honestly love. Sarah.

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3 thoughts on “Designer Label -v- Design A Label : My garment sewing comes of age!

  1. Thanks Linda! I agree! xx


  2. Nice design! Yes those are good labels to label yourself with! 😂

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