I’ve had this project on the back burner for ever. Initially it formed part of my 2018MakeNine plans but never quite made it to the top of my sewing queue. I had the pattern, fabric and notions and, not to be undeterred, I duly put it into my 2019MakeNine plans too. And finally, finally, I’ve sewn it up!

I’d go as far to say, I’d started to have something of a mental block when it came to this pattern for reasons I couldn’t quite put my finger on…and now that I’ve sewn it, what do I think?

Well, it may be obvious from the pictures already…but I made a fundamental mistake when tracing out the pattern; a lesson I thought I’d learned when sewing up McCalls patterns previously and that is to size down a couple of sizes and do a Full Bust Adjustment. I didn’t do that – reasoning that as it a Jacket, I wouldn’t mind a bit of extra wiggle room. I don’t have extra wiggle room; I have room enough to fit an extra person in with me!

I had a laugh trying to recreate the pattern envelope image!

But I still feel triumphant in having sewn it. The coat is wearable – as long as I wear it over thick under layers. Fitting issues aside, I’m happy with both my sewing and pattern matching. And I stand by this pattern – it’s actually very close to what I was aiming for. Perhaps I’ll consider this a wearable toile and make it again.

*As this was this months’ sponsored make for theMinerva Craft Blogger Network, you can find the full construction details and pattern review – you can also access the wool plaid and lining fabric I used, as well as the pattern itself – over on their blog HERE.

And now I’m free to tackle other things, not least to finalise the planning for this years’ #sewtogetherforsummer sewing challenge which launches next month. You’ll find me over on Instagram as @sewsarahsmith … together with my co-hosts Suzy (@sewing_in_spain) and Monika (@rocco.sienna) We’ve already lined up some excellent Sponsors and some brilliant discounts for you all! We’ve known for over a year what 2019’s theme was going to be and we’re very excited that we’re so close to launching now! Join us on Instagram to join in the fun – you can also check back here on 10th April for the launch post, details of the sponsors and access the discount codes for some amazing patterns!

Until next time,

*Sponsored Post – all fabric, notions and the pattern were chosen by me but supplied free of charge by Minerva Crafts in exchange for an honest review. Post contains Affiliate Links. As always, any opinions are honest and my own.

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11 thoughts on “I’ve finally Sewn the McCalls M7513 lined Peplum Jacket!

  1. ta my lovely!!! I’m sew going to make it- and fit it – again when I’ve had some space from it!! xx


  2. ah but you have!! imore than! It’s not that complicated at all to sew…it just doesnt help when you forget to size down!!! 😅


  3. Monika says:

    It’s amazing Sarah, I’ve never done anything this complicated..hope I’ll be brave enough one day xx

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  4. caring is sharing says:

    What happened next was my daughter tried out a Burda shirt as a pyjama top, which wasn’t great on her at 38, but fitted me much better, certainly across the shoulders, top back and around the back of my arms. The bust dart needed moving. I’ve now made up a shirt using that pattern, moving the bust dart and adjusting as I made it up (fish eye darts front and back, taking out a couple of cm across the front shoulders and high bust). It’s not 100% but is a wearable toile.


  5. susan roberts says:

    It looks super and what a great achievement! Love that peplum! you could make lots of these!

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  6. Hi Sue darling!!! Bloody glass ceilings – they’re made to be broken, right?! Yeah, the thicker the top underneath the better it looks but right now I’m considering it merely a lesson it sledgehammering home the point not to rush into a pattern and hope for the best, haha! Hope all is well with you love xx


  7. Thank you! Ah its so frustrating isn’t it…a case of having to relearn the standard block that each pattern company uses – I find McCalls to have a strangely inverted triangular shape to their bodice! Even when I size down I find that they generally are too wide at the underarm/side seam! We sound to be similar shapes generally. After the adjustments you made, what issues were you left with? It’s probably a case of having to take a breather with it and come back to it when you’ve recovered from this trial! I think it’s worth mastering one pattern because you’ll then be able to tackle other patterns. Good luck and don’t lose heart xx


  8. caring is sharing says:

    That jacket looks good, fit issues or not and you’ll love a version that fits.

    I have been having similar issues with McCall’s fit – for a blouse pattern. I hadn’t made a new commercial adult pattern for decades and am slightly stunned that although the measurements look the same, the final results are nothing like. I should have done what you’re suggesting – start making 2 sizes down, full bust adjustment (E cup), wide back adjustment for my broad shoulders, then all the adjustments I did make: adjust the dart, removal of round shoulder fitting, narrow shoulder and shorten – the last two because I’m 5’2″, so petite, and my shoulders are narrower. I’m not sure if I’d need to make a narrow bicep adjustment on the 10. Having made up the 14, twice, making adjustments, twice, I’ve lost the will to go back, retrace and make all the adjustments on the 10, however much I like the pattern.

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  9. Yay…you did it! I know those kind of projects that feel like you need to break through a glass ceiling…;you can’t see what the hold up is, but it’s there.

    Your finished jacket is beautiful. The peplum detail adds a cute flirtiness. I think it would look so nice with a cream coloured cable knit sweater (jumper?) underneath.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Thanks Kay! Absolutely, nice to make someone else happy eh and my Mother was not so very subtle with her hints😁. I’m thinking I might have a go sewing up a similar colour in the body but adding a black collar…mmmm decisions decisions! X


  11. kssews says:

    You should totally remake it and YAY that you can gift this one! It looks really good and that fabric is gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

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