My goodness I can’t believe we’re back for the third year of #sewtogetherforsummer – in previous years we’ve had the Shirtdress and the Wrap dress but the garment that has got us quite literally jumping for joy this year is, you guessed it, the Jumpsuit! And not just the Jumpsuit; the Challenge includes all-in-ones like Dungarees, Overalls, Coveralls, Playsuits & Rompers to full on Boiler Suits! (Read on; we’ve got some amazing discount codes on many popular patterns, as well as fabric, for you too!)

So why the Jumpsuit? There are so many people responding to the fact that Jumpsuits are everywhere this year, from the Catwalk to the High Street whilst, for others, stylistically it may be pushing them out of their comfort zone! Sewing pattern companies have picked up this trend; they’re are soooo many great sewing patterns out there from both Indie and the Big4 pattern companies; we’re convinced there is a style and pattern out there for everyone!

We believe, there’s a All-in-One style and pattern out there for everyone – Woman, Man and Child – and for every season


So what is the Challenge?

As in the previous two years, this is an Instagram Community Sewing Challenge, open to sewists world-wide, co-hosted by myself @sewsarahsmith and my good friends Suzy aka @sewing_in_spain and Monika @rocco.sienna. It is not a competition; it is a community based challenge to encourage and support sewists of all skill sets to complete a specific garment type. The Challenge is sponsored by some of our Industry favourites (big and small) and there are some amazing sewing goodies randomly distributed to sewists who complete their garment and post it to Instagram by the deadline. (See HERE for the list of Sponsors and the gifts they are donating!)

So everyone and anyone can be a winner!

If you’re looking for some great discounts on relevant patterns, keep reading – these are listed at the end of this post!

So What are the Rules?

Well, they’re very few and very simple. It is a sewing challenge but we don’t want it to be overly challenging or stressful to participate. They are :

  1. Pick a Pattern – any pattern in any fabric that falls within the Challenge criteria – so, any Jumpsuit, All-in-One Coveralls, Dungarees, Playsuit/Romper, Overalls, Boiler Suit – basically any one-piece garment that has legs attached to a top. (We’ll be posting some of our Pattern Picks up on the blog very soon, so look out for that if you need inspiration!)
  2. Follow the three hosts on Instagram to be kept informed of discounts and to receive support and encouragement – that is myself, Sarah @sewsarahsmith, Suzy @sewing_in_spain and Monika @rocco.sienna
  3. Post your newly completed garment to your Instagram feed using the Hashtag #sewtogetherforsummer by the deadline of 21st June 2019 – clearly stating that you are entering it into the Challenge. It is really helpful if you also tag the three Challenge hosts in your post as sometimes posts do go astray; especially if your account is set to private. (If you want to, you could also follow the #sewtogetherforsummer hashtag page to see what others are doing too; its a great way to meet new sewists!)
  4. When posting your garment to Instagram, please also state your Country of Residence – UK or International – it really helps us distribute the sponsored gifts at the end of the Challenge!

Feel free to share your pattern and fabric picks, your construction photos and any tips or questions as you plan and then sew your garment, to your Instagram feeds! Use the hashtag #sewtogetheroforsummer and tag us for support and encouragement along the way!


Looking for some awesome discount codes? Please use the codes below at checkout; some run for only the first week of the Challenge, so be quick others run longer and some for the duration; ie from 10th May to 21st June 2019 :

Closet Case Patterns :

Named :

Sew House Seven :

Sew Over It :

The Foldline :

AK Patterns

Blackbird Fabrics :

Girl Charlee

I hope you’re in! You can read the full list of our 2019 Sponsored Gifts HERE – we have our suggested Pattern Picks Post HERE and much more coming!

Until then, as always,Happy Sewing

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23 thoughts on “#Sewtogetherforsummer 2019 is here – and we’re ‘Jumping’ for Joy!

  1. oh by all means hack away!!! in fact we’ve a post coming up all about that … so go and be a trailblazer Thaise; its a fantastic idea! x


  2. Does this mean no hacking of two separate patterns into a jumpsuit? Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Sue…thanks for the enthusiasm!!! Well, maybe make both, haha. I feel the same way about those two patterns … ah, the shorties … not based off a real pattern though I’m posting a blog post soon covering some recommendations which may well contain something v. Similar! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for this post Sarah! I know #sewtogetherforsummer is officially an IG ‘challenge’ but I love that you are sharing details on your blog!

    I’ve got the Burnside Bibs in my make nine list. But. I’m not sure. Yet. LOL. I might make another pair of Jenny Overalls. Who knows? I do know I’ll be inspired by the hashtag and want to make all the jumpsuits!

    PS The shortie overall in the middle of the pic. What pattern is that please? Ta. xo

    Liked by 1 person

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