This is the first of my makes under the umbrella of this years’ #sewtogetherforsummer Challenge (if you missed Suzy’s review of the Zadie Jumpsuit, you can catch that HERE )

I opted to sew the Sallie Jumpsuit by Closet Case Patterns for my first jumpsuit pattern; I’m something of a fangirl of CCF, so it seemed an apt place to start. However, the resultant make has proved to be somewhat of a divisive garment in my household! The verdict is split strictly down the middle between the sexes – my daughter and I love it; in fact when she first saw me in it, she insisted that I demonstrate it by strutting my stuff, catwalk-style, across the Lounge! But my son’s verdict was “it’s a bit weird” and my husband said he wasn’t sure he liked it. Does this split-verdict make me feel differently about it in anyway? No, it does not. Frankly it almost feels immaterial what I do or don’t look like in it, or what anybody else thinks about it because, in wearing it, I feel absolutely bloomin’ fantastic..

… a totally empowered Sassy Lassie, if you will!

I think this is a great pattern and you’re getting quite a bit of bang for your buck … there are several views, two lined bodice options and a maxi dress version! I’m totally wanting to make another jumpsuit with the tie shoulder and a couple of dresses too, the jumpsuits are perfect for Spring and Summer evenings and the dresses perfect for those balmy days!

It’s also a very simple and quick sew; here’s that word again…perfect!

That’s not to say that my first iteration is in itself perfect! I messed up early on – I always sew my knit patterns with a stretch stitch and realised once I’d sewn the shoulder seams at 5/8″ that I should have done them at 3/8″ – there’s no way I’d attempt to unpick a stretch stitch in the lightweight French Terry fabric I was using (I was gifted this fabric last year from Girl Charlee UK – unfortunately I don’t think this particular one is in stock anymore. However, they are offering a 10% discount for all #sewtogetherforsummer makers, just enter the code TOGETHER at checkout).

This meant, of course, that I’d lost 2/8″ in length from the bodice length. Not that big a deal in itself. However, I really wished I’d added at least an inch, maybe more, to the length of the bodice so that the bodice overhangs and hides the elasticated waist. The alterations I did make were to grade down at the waist and hip and I removed 2″ from the length of the leg; I did this once it was sewn up, preferring to judge the length when I was wearing my heeled sandals.

The bodice is lined (there are separate pieces for the lining); the ‘V’ neckline is stabilised with elastic both front and back…I strongly recommend stretching out your elastic before you stitch it in using a tricot stitch, if you have one – a zigzag if you don’t. It comes together in no time at all!

And talking about that elasticated waistband – if you can get your hands on one of these bodkins, I highly recommend that you do – it really does make threading it through its casing soooo much easier!

There’s not much more I can tell you; family divisions aside, haha, I love my Jumpsuit; its the ultimate in Secret Pyjamas! Oh but, whilst we’re here, shall we address the ‘toilet controversary’ regarding jumpsuits?!

I can’t speak for all jumpsuits, but having worn this one loads (including on a night out involving wine, and the resulting extra trips to the loo that necessitates!), the verdict is : this jumpsuit is incredibly simple to shrug down; you don’t even need to untie the back strap – you can just pop them straight over your head!

The next garment I’m planning to sew for the Challenge is another Closet Case Pattern; I told you I was a fangirl – I’m sewing the Jenny Overalls; I even got the hardware from them!


I’ve also just sewn up a test pair of Overalls for a Soon-to-be-Released pattern, which I’ll share with you later but for now, how are your jumpsuit / dungaree / overalls plans coming on?

Happy stiching!

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Disclaimer : this is not a Sponsored post – it does contain a link to one of the Sponsors of the Challenge and the link to the Bodkin is an Affiliate link. Any views and opinions I express are entirely my own and genuine. x

9 thoughts on “The Sallie Jumpsuit by Closet Case Patterns – Makes Me Feel a Sassy Lassie!

  1. Lynne says:

    I think your jumpsuit is amazing!! Don’t listen to those boys!!


  2. Bridgette Busby says:

    This is so cute, how is the ease of getting in and out for bathroom breaks.


  3. Janet says:

    Awesome! This looks so good in black. Interestingly, there was the same divide in my family when I made this pattern. I loved it, but my husband reckons mine is a bit ‘middle-aged toddler’ on me…


  4. Hélène says:

    I think your jumpsuit looks most stylish! As for your family division, I would say that in general, girls know better about style and fashion, don’t you agree? I tried this pattern when it was released and made the dress version. I didn’t like it much because the knit fabric I had picked was so thin the skirt kept clinging to my underwear and my bum. French terry has more body to it and I would be tempted to revisit this pattern with a similar fabric.


  5. It looks great, ignore the naysayers in your household.
    Talking about ultimate pyjamas, if the weather doesn’t improve I may reach for my onesie today.. 🙂


  6. Aww ta Mon! Yey, we can be Sallie Sisters!!! xxx


  7. Monika says:

    it’s..what’s the word..PERFECT!!!! You totally convinced me to make this one, I have black jersey from girlcharlee from last year, Mxx

    Liked by 1 person

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