Gulp; by some weird process of osmosis, I appear to have opened a little shop! It’s all happend quite organically – I’d created a fun sewing machine ‘chalkboard’ I could make notes on (so as to stop scribbling all over my patterns!) and a few decals to jazz up my own sewing space. I then showed and shared them with my sewing besties. To my delight, they loved them too! So I thought I’d make them more widely available and introduce them to you 😉

Clicking on the ‘Full Listing’ button underneath each item takes you to the shop and provides additional info 😉

‘chalkboard’ sewing machine decal

I use mine constantly to note stitch settings for my currrent project, scribbling a list of supplies I need or listing my pattern queue. I am not one for entering notes in my phone – that means locating the thing first! With this ‘blackboard’ right there at my sewing table, I can instantly write down or check what I need to remember (and as I get older, remembering stuff is definitely not my strong point!)

It measures 22″ x 11.5″ and is made from durable chalboard vinyl. It comes with two sticks of chalk to get you started.

‘now is not the time!’ decal

Now is Not the Time! – This for a bit of fun really! I say ‘fun’ when, seriously, if I have this in my hand it’s best not to approach … unless offering wine!

Available in black or white premium grade vinyl. It measures 20″ x 3.5″.

‘sewing word art’ decal

Made in premium grade matt vinyl which doesn’t reflect the light, so once applied to your wall or surface it will look ‘painted’ on.

It measures 10″ x 22″ and is currently available in either black or white, to best contrast with your decor.

‘eat sleep sew repeat’

We all know that feeling don’t we!!

Measuring 7.5″ by 22″ – available in black and white; the ‘cut out’ details, i.e. on the cats face, allows the colour of your own wall to come through, so it complements your own decor / colour scheme.

a quote for makers

This, simply, is my favourite quote relating to the creative process; attributed originally to Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to a friend. I find it really inspirational – there are no mistakes in sewing, only lessons learned 😉

Again, available in black or white premium grade matt vinyl, measuring 10.5 x 16″

These are best applied to a smooth surface such as painted walls, glass and plastic etc; full step-by-step installation instructions are provided. Packaging is made from widely recyclable materials.

Thank you for reading this far; I know not everyone likes a ‘Sell’, I am hoping that this little shop helps to support and fund this blog 🙂

I’ll be back with a review of my latest sewing project soon! Until then,

Happy Sewing!

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