Hi, I’m Sarah, the maker and writer behind this blog.

I’ve been sewing constantly (obsessively) for over 5 years; mostly focusing on filling my wardrobe with everyday ‘Me Made’ clothing, throwing in the occasional fancy ‘sew frosting’ type project just to mix things up a bit. I love sewing indie designer patterns but I also have a large collection of Big Name patterns that I really want to utilise more.

For reference, I’m 5.3″ My measurements fluctuate a fair bit but at the time of writing are roughly 40 / 32 / 39. Whatever the pattern, I generally find I have certain fit issues, including narrow and forward shoulders; where a pattern does not come with cup sizes, I generally need to do a full bust adjustment; I have a sway back and regularly have to shorten sleeves and dress / leg lengths. I also have narrow thighs and ‘athletic’ calves. There’s nothing like sewing to give you a good idea of how there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ norm when it comes to sizing and fitting! I try and incorporate as much as I learn within my posts – the fails as well as the successes!

Collage 2019-11-25 18_52_17.jpg
Two Pairs of Morgan Jeans – and a chat about raw denim

As well as writing for my blog, I’m also active within the wider online sewing community and have a presence on Instagram – join me over there, err, here and say Hi if you want to! I’ve made a lot of friends over there who truly inspire me on a daily basis – I hope some of that is reflected back here.

I also Co-host a yearly, easy-going, Instagram based sewing challenge #sewtogetherforsummer – designed to celebrate our sewing community as well as hoping to inspire ourselves, and each other, to have a go at tackling sewing projects that will increase our confidence in our skill-set. There are only Winners in this challenge!

I will occasionally accept sponsored posts for products / brands I believe in and join in pattern Tester Groups for designers I love – I  will always be very clear and upfront within any related blog post if I have received fabric / patterns / supplies / products free of charge in exchange for a review – I need to have absolute confidence in any link you subsequently click on.

Sew Sarah Smith Carolyn pyjamas sewing pattern review.jpg
Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Patterns

Alongside sewing, I am developing a love of crafting generally and have recently learnt how to knit – I’m very proud of my socks, haha! I am also Cricut Maker newbie which has expanded my crafting and sewing horizons exponentially!

If I’m not busy making something; you’ll generally find me doing the exact opposite – i.e. curled up in my PJs with a good book; a glass of wine in my hand. I am never, ever, knowingly without a book on the go.

After a lifetime of wondering and wandering, I have settled and live with my husband and two children in the heart of rural Devon, UK.

They are my everything.

You can contact me directly / privately using the šŸ“©Contact Me form below!šŸ“©

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