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Hi, I’m Sarah, thanks for popping by!

Isn’t the online Sewing Community a fantastic place; welcome to my little space in that cyber universe. Here I aim to document my sewing journey; the greats, the ‘just wearable’ and, let’s be real, the absolute fails – sharing whatever I learn or get excited about with you along the way! My sewing motto is one attributed to Vincent Van Gogh:

I’m always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it!

You can get a pretty good idea of who I am by reading my diary post series ‘All Sewn Up’  (see in ‘Categories’) or from my Seamstress Tag and Blogger Award posts.

As well as blogging here, I post as part of the Minerva Craft Blogger Network and Co-Host the yearly #sewtogetherforsummer sewing challenges.

You can also find me actively engaged with the Sewing Community over on Instagram. Join in there and say Hi, if you haven’t already!

After a lifetime of wondering and wandering, I have settled and live with my husband and two children in the heart of rural Devon, UK. They are my everything.

You can contact me directly / privately using the 📩Contact Me form below!📩

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