Mentha Jacket (Chaqueta Mentha) : Guest Sewing Pattern Review

Hello sewing friends!  Suzy, of @sewing_in_spain on Instagram, here.  The lovely Sarah has invited me to take over her blog today to tell you about this jacket; the new pattern release (and sewing class) from Lara Sanner –  I’m taking part in the Mentha Jacket blog tour to give my thoughts – with a Spanish translation – and show my version of this clever pattern!

¡Hola amigas costureras! Soy Suzy y podéis encontrarme en Instagram en @sewing_in_spain Hoy, la encantadora Sara me ha invitado a su blog para hablaros de esta chaqueta, ya que formo parte del Blog Tour de la chaqueta Mentha para enseñarle a más costureras y costureros este increíble patrón, el patrón Mentha.

If you want to try to make a jacket, but feel it could be overwhelming, this could be just the pattern for you!  The Mentha jacket – that’s Peppermint in English – is a fresh approach to a jacket making; it has some lovely design features – inseam pockets at the front; funnel neckline; splayed front and cute overlapped cuffs.  However, the folks at Lara Sanner have given a lot of thought to demystifying the tailoring process; the design is simpler than it looks! There are no lapels or traditional collar and the clever raglan sleeve design means no sleeves to set in. Here is the line drawing of the pattern…..see what I mean about the fabulous sleeve seams?

Si queréis probar a coser una chaqueta, pero quizás os sentís un poco intimidados, este es el patrón ideal para vosotras. La chaqueta Mentha es un buen acercamiento a la confección de chaquetas de sastre. Tiene algunos detalles increíbles – bolsillos en la parte delantera, cuello chimenea, delantero abierto y que cruza y unos bonitos puños superpuestos. Sin embargo, el equipo de Lara Sanner han pensado mucho para poder desmitificar el proceso de confeccionar una chaqueta de sastre y hacerlo más sencillo. El diseño es más simple de lo que parece – sin solapas o el tradicional cuello y con un ingenioso diseño con mangas ranglán, lo que significa que no hay que montar mangas tradicionales. Aquí os dejo el dibujo técnico del patrón, ¿veis las maravillosas costuras ranglán de las mangas?

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A Jacket & A Coat – the Pona Jacket by Helen’s Closet

Hello again! It seems I’m on a bit of a sewing binge at the moment – having sewn two pairs of jeans, two sets of PJs and a turtleneck recently. Now, adding to that, two coats using the brand new sewing pattern release from Helen’s Closet; the Pona Jacket. I think its safe to say my Sewjo is back and I couldn’t be happier!

I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for this one; as soon as I saw the initial line drawings I was in! *The Pona (a PDF pattern) was just the pattern I was looking for – a true wardrobe staple, something that will transition nicely all year round. It can either be a lightweight throw-on jacket for the warmer months or a full on warm coat for the cooler months. Or something in-between! And, as a bonus, this is incredibly simple – and quick – to make!

I love the drafting; it’s unlined but has a nifty facing that allows the front lapels to drape open. It also has no closures; it’s meant to be worn open, although there is enough cross-over if you do want to add a button or a frog fastening. I left the cropped jacket as is but added a simple hidden snap fastening to the top left on the coat version so that I can wear it closed with the collar up should I need to. I think this pattern makes for a great introduction to sewing coats and jackets for those wanting to dip their toes in these waters! If you haven’t already, I can heartily recommend you do so using this pattern – come on in, the water is warm!

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Sewaholic ‘Minoru’ Jacket – Sewing my first fully lined coat!


Thanks for joining me…I’m so excited to share this make with you as I’m incredibly proud – and somewhat relieved – to have made it! Making a fully lined coat has been on my ‘skills list’ for ages. Y’see, to my mind, it had always seemed like one of those highly impressive and unfeasibly difficult sewing projects; something only a ‘real’ sewist makes. And now I’ve done it, I’m happy to report it’s really not that hard at all! We can all make one! This is the ‘Minoru’ Raincoat / Jacket by Sewaholic...


Making the Deer & Doe ‘Luzerne’ trench coat recently, which is finished with bias binding internally, gave me the hunger to step up and tackle a full lining. No handstitching, I wanted to learn to do it all by machine. The Minoru Jacket seemed like a good option as it has also has some other great features, most notably the hood which can be hidden inside a zipped compartment in its high dramatic collar, as well as having inside breast pockets. Unfortunately…

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My Finished Deer & Doe Luzerne Trench Coat!

Hello again…let’s get this coat finished!

I proceed with sewing my coat like an F1 driver on the home stretch…I want it done and impatience has set in. I’m mindful of this and try and force myself to pay due care and attention…to not rush to the finishing line…but still I find myself easily irritated and rushing anyway. And this is the quandary; I know not to sew when I’m in this mood – mistakes likely happen – but given that my mood is underpinned by bloody-mindedness, I carry on.

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My Deer & Doe ‘Luzerne Trench Coat’ Makers Diary – Part 4 : Collar and Facings

“Mom, I’ve spilt my drink all over the floor”… “Mom, can you make me a sandwich?”… “Mom, there’s a wasp in the lounge!” … Oh the joys of trying to sew when the kids are off school for the summer!

But sew I do. We’ve agreed that Mommy can sew in the morning and we’ll do stuff together in the afternoon. I can’t sew in the evening as a rule, my brain just doesn’t work. In fairness, it doesn’t always fully function in the daytime either but, slurping coffee, it stands somewhat of a better chance!

So back to sewing my Trench Coat!

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