Papercut Patterns wrap top

Coppelia Wrap Cardi by Papercut Patterns : a dream of a top!

Papercut Patterns wrap top

Hi again!

Hot on the heels of my Classic Pedal Pushers post, I bring you the Coppelia Wrap Cardi from Papercut Patterns; I just think they pair so well! (And are unbelievably comfy; it’s like wearing a sophisticated pair of PJ’s!)

Coppelia review
Papercut Patterns – Coppelia Wrap Cardi

I love this ballet style wrap top; it’s such a perennial staple. I chose it as one of my #2017MakeNine picks, as were the Pedal Pushers too, so I’m really pleased to get them both checked off. This top is such an easy sew; I can see myself returning to this pattern time and time again!

Links to all the products I used, including this gorgeous spandex blend John Kaldor jersey, and a paper copy the pattern itself etc., can be found in the full post I wrote for the Minerva Craft Blogger Network HERE together with a review of the pattern and a few tips I used for working with such fluid, highly stretchy fabric.

Coppelia Papercut




NB – I’ve also written a review of the Machine Stars range of children’s starter sewing patterns with my daughter, which is up now on the Minerva Crafts blog   – if you have a little one interested in sewing, you can read the product review HERE.

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