I’ve recently made a couple of tops using fairly ‘loud’ and complex prints. My lovely husband chose the fabrics and, not unsurprisingly, the issue of pattern matching said print never occurred to him. Which got me thinking : how often do we disregard a beautiful but complex print when purchasing fabric because the idea of pattern matching it puts us off? So I thought I’d show the foolproof (i.e. it works for me!) method I use for matching seams, so you too can be liberated in your fabric choices!

Pattern matching fabrics with a regular and repeating pattern, like stripes or checks is one thing – the pattern itself actually helps in the pattern matching process. Here I’m going to demonstrate using this busy, not quite so helpful, print at a centre-back seam. (I recommend you read through fully at least once before attempting to follow it in ‘real life’!)

(If you’re looking for guidance on pattern matching smaller areas, e.g. a two-piece/cuffed, patch pocket, I cover that here).

Lady McElroy viscose crepe in Jade – purchased from Minerva (see here)

Let’s start by taking a a look at the tools I find useful…

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Did you see the #sewtogetherloungewear Challenge post? It contains all the details of this pared back mini-sewing challenge replacing this years’ #sewtogtherforsummer whilst we say home, stay safe and, hopefully, find time to sew. If you’re looking to sew yourself comfy, here’s our loungewear sewing pattern picks – tops and bottoms – just waiting for you to make them your own! Where possible, we’re showcasing the patterns as made by our fellow makers to help give you a feel for how they work in the ‘wild’ 😉

You could also check out the #sewtogetherloungewear hashtag page to see what everyone else has been making!

NB if you’re reading this on your ‘phone, you will get a better viewing experience if you hold it sideways/horizontally!

Here’s our picks, starting with …

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Hello friends,

I really, really, really hope you’re all doing ok. It’s taken me a few weeks to re-find my feet and whilst I’m still having the occasional wobble, my family and I are doing great; all things considered I have much to be thankful for. I hope this is true for you too.

I’ve been a bit quiet on here whilst my family and I adjust to our new daily routine. I have also – with my good friends Suzy (aka @sewing_in_spain) and Monika (aka @rocco.sienna) – been working to bring you this year’s #sewtogetherforsummer Challenge. That has, quite literally, been a challenge in itself!

I know a lot of you were wondering when this years’ #sewtogetherforsummer Instagram sewing challenge would launch; in the past few years it has kicked off around Easter. We were all set to run a bonanza of a Challenge; we had a brilliant theme and amazing backing from our ever-generous sponsors who were, once again, offering a huge array of amazing prizes. Everything was in place and ready to go.

But then everything changed in the blink of an eye…

As soon as the reality of the global situation kicked in, we slammed on the brake. Not only did the garment of choice for the Challenge theme now feel wholly inappropriate but we, like you, were suddenly dealing with personal and work related issues that meant we would be unable to give the Challenge the time and attention it needs to run.

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